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Did you know that if you were part of a Group Pension Scheme with a previous employer you may be able to transfer your Pension into your own name? This gives you greater control over the way your Pension is invested.

Pensions are still the most tax efficient way of saving for your retirement. Whether you wish to start a Personal Pension Plan or join a Group Pension Plan, your contributions can be offset against income tax subject to Revenue rules. Any growth that is achieved in your Pension Plan grows tax free and you can also avail of a tax free lump sum at retirement subject to Revenue rules. Pension Plans are very flexible and portable and you can avail of options such as early retirement and tax free cash at retirement.

So whether you are looking for advice on an existing Defined Benefit Pension Plan or a Defined Contribution Pension Plan or if you are looking to start up a new Pension Plan, talk to us today, where we can give you independent advice and set up a Pension Plan to suit your needs. With a pension calculator we can help you decide on the level of pension contribution that you need to make in order to help give you and your family financial security at retirement.